Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts
Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

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  • STAY AGILE WHILE PROTECTED: The ultralight design keeps the mitts light while protecting your palms adequately
  • 3 LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The high-density foam offers maximum shock absorbency allowing you to feel comfortable during even the hardest punches
  • LONG LASTING: Strong material constructed from high-density latex


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Featuring its unique contoured hand compartment, the Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts minimize wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use. These mitts are ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer’s hands, allowing each trainer maximum control and leverage.

Product Details:

  • Ultralight design
  • Triple-layered foam system
  • High-density latex
  • Extra soft, padded hand compartment
  • Snug fit leather wrist band for easy slip on & off
  • One Size and Colour


Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts Description:

With an ultra-light, triple layered foam system, these mitts offer outstanding shock absorption and protection to the holder. Extra soft padding on the inside of the hand compartment helps reduce and avoid jammed fingers during use. The snug fit also locks the wrist and hand in place, minimizing movement or slipping while worn. Finally, being constructed out of high-grade leather, these focus mitts are tough as nails and a great choice for any coach/trainer.


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 20 cm

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