PowAir Refill Perpetrator Sport 1L

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PowAir Refill Perpetrator Sport 1L

PowAir Penetrator is formulated with Odorchem’s proprietary industrial strength blend of 40 essential oils and includes a new, innovative range of microbial enzymes. These high performance-driven enzymes are the only range of microbial products validated with comprehensive scientifically verified performance data. This combination of ingredients gives PowAir Penetrator a dual-action odour neutralizing capability that is unrivalled.

Spray Penetrator onto surfaces where malodorous odours exist and let it absorb into the material. Penetrator will permanently eliminate all organic odors such as; skunk, urine, perspiration, vomit, faeces, blood, grease, mildew, smoke, and musty odors that are trapped in porous or solid materials such as cloth, furniture, carpet, wood or concrete. Guaranteed!

PowAir Penetrator is environmentally friendly and safe to use around your family and your pets.

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 22.86 × 8.89 × 8.89 cm

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