April is right around the corner and that means the annual Breaking Boards Breaking Chains is coming up soon! Here are a few words from Ian Karpinski, owner of Bushido Martial Arts:

Bushido Martial Arts is incredibly proud to be a sponsor for Breaking Boards Breaking Chains national fundraiser. We are a socially conscious company, so we aspire to have our suppliers conform to international standards to ensure that conditions are suitable and workers are not exploited; knowing that our products are not produced by child or bonded labour is incredibly important to us. We are proud to be partnered with Martial Arts for Justice, and to have supported this particular cause for the past few years.

Everyone is busy with their respective lives—school owners, instructors, students, parents, but everyone wants to make a difference. We sure do. Here at Bushido Martial Arts, we have teamed up with Martial Arts for Justice because we believe it is important to create a community of champions of freedom and justice. We want to help connect schools and individuals who want to be a part of creating a solution to build a better world. Let us take this leap together one fundraiser at a time.

We believe that annual events such as Breaking Boards Breaking Chains (BBBC) help teach students, young and old, about justice and its importance in our society, emphasizing the role that martial artists can play in building a more peaceful world and being champions of freedom and justice.

United, we can strengthen justice and equality for all.

Ian Karpinski

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BBBC Is a national fundraiser facilitated by not-for-profit, Martial Arts for Justice, dedicated to supporting the work of International Justice Mission, Canada. With offices all over the world, IJM helps to free victims of violence, sexual abuse, slave labour, and other forms of modern-day slavery.
Gathering in their schools, dojangs, dojos, communities, local malls, and other venues, schools put on a public display of board-breaking – each broken board representing “breaking the chains of slavery.”

This year’s theme, Kids Helping Kids, is dedicated to helping children understand that they can help others around the world just like them. BBBC is not only about raising money for a good cause but it is about changing the lives of children who are victims of serious crimes. It is important to know that kids can help other kids. They can fight for the rights of those who don’t feel safe on their own streets or protected in their communities, even their countries.

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