Bushido Interview With Revolution Martial Arts

Bushido Interview With Revolution Martial Arts

It takes a lot of perseverance, passion, and hard work to be able to focus on a professional athletic career, all while balancing a business. 

Ranked fifth in Canada for Pro Middleweights to date, renowned fighter Jared “The Rebel” Revel runs Revolution Martial Arts. Bushido had the privilege of heading over to Revolution Martial Arts in Langley a few weeks ago and learned how and why he runs things over there. We learned the funny origin story of his nickname, why he started his own gym, his personal goals as an athlete, and MUCH more.

Revolution Martial Arts offers a ton of different class styles for all ages. They also have a regular weight room, so you can balance some classes with a traditional workout. Lastly, they have a cafe to recharge after your sweat session! Fun fact: A few times a year, they host a free women’s self-defence course. A lot of their staff volunteer their time to this event, showing you the strong values that this gym shares

Watch our video below, for the full story! Afterwards, if you’re as impressed as we were, view the Revolution Martial Arts Website for their class schedule.

Bushido Interview with Jared Revel of Revolution Martial Arts

If you’re into a fun, overall workout that gives you strength, confidence, and a beautiful community – MMA might be right for you. Make sure you grab all the necessary gear at Bushido.ca.