Bushido Sponsored Athlete:

Bushido Sponsored Athlete: Josipa Kafadar

Bushido has teamed up with the amazing Canadian Taekwondo Athlete Josipa Kafadar. We have watched her in competition and she is fierce. Josipa has been in Taekwondo since she was 4 years old. From there, she has been competing and getting stronger each year while taking home many gold medals from around the world! Just this past weekend she won gold at the senior nationals, and she’ll be fighting in the Pan-am Olympic Qualifiers. We wish her the very best in her career, and we hope to see many successes.

Bushido has decked her out in our latest and greatest Daedo gear. We have many new items up on our website now. If you want to look like Josipa – go check them out!

If you want to keep up with Josipa, you can read about her on Taekwondo Canada’s Page and @josikafa on Instagram!

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  1. Iankar says:

    Thanks so much for your time and all the effort you put in Josipa!

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