Bushido Tip of the Week

Bushido Tip of the Week – Setting Goals for You

When you are going into your training session, have a clear vision of the goals you are trying to achieve. Firstly, ff you don’t have any goals, make some! Don’t just go through the motions because it becomes routine. Keep reminding yourself of why you started this journey in the first place!

In addition, Identify the benefits and visualize what you want to achieve – and why. What is the endgame? To keep yourself constantly motivated, set short term goals.

Whether it’s an upcoming tournament, event or grading. Perhaps you just want to lose weight or get stronger. It can be anything but set a realistic goal you can achieve! In conclusion, if you are going to invest 1 hour of your time – make it worthwhile.

That concludes the Tip of the Week. Shop now for new fight gear & get training!