Bushido Pick of the Week

Bushido Pick of the Week – DAE1153 DAEDO LEATHER IRANIAN SHIELD

Full leather construction
Firstly, these targets from Daedo are constructed with 100% leather. Leather is a very strong material & is very durable to many high impact strikes.

The versatile target for various techniques
With the two handles on the back being placed in their respective locations, a wide range of holding techniques can be used. Strikes by hand or feet can be delivered to the 3 major target points, low, mid and high. In summary, the overall size of 43 x 24 x 10cm gives your students plenty of surface area to strike against.

Superior construction all around
Additionally, Daedo utilizes their decades of knowledge in the manufacturing of Martial Arts equipment & is evident in this particular item. All stress points are addressed and either double or triple stitched. The nylon lace on the outside is very strong and helps keep everything inside intact.

Dense inner foam core
Lastly, The inner foam core is very dense and can absorb a great amount of impact while protecting the holder at the same time. Can be used by multiple disciplines Primarily used by Taekwondo clubs, these targets can be easily applied to other Martial Art Disciplines. In conclusion, the DAEDO LEATHER IRANIAN SHIELD would be a great addition for any club, or for use at home.

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