Bushido Pick of the Week


  • Large target area
    Firstly, a really nice feature is that they have a newly expanded surface area with an 8.5-inch width. This allows for a larger range of striking techniques to be used, making it a versatile piece of equipment in any setting.
  • State of the art technology
    In addition, with state of the art, four-layer, high density, foam core padding to optimize shock absorption, and minimize injury. They have extra padding on the palm for a tight fit, and an inner wrist absorption buffer to guard against inaccurate strikes.
  • Made with Famous Fairtex quality
    Fairtex Maximized focus mitts are made with the famous Syntek leather that Fairtex is famous for. These are not only durable but resistant to tears and splitting as well.
  • Comfortable features
    Fairtex installed a mesh for the hand cover, which is breathable, keeping your hands cool and dry. This is key for many trainers and coaches, as they spend a large part of the classes holding pads for their students
  • Functional construction
    Last but not least, the Fairtex Maximized focus mitts also have a dual Velcro closure system, with a metal buckle. These can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of hand and arm sizes, both male and female. Even though these are a bigger style of focus pad, they do not feel like it. Moreover, most users are very surprised at how lightweight and easy they are to hold.