Prototype’s Fruit Protein Shake

I feel like my protein shake/smoothie is a bit more complicated than it should be.  I swear half of my grocery bill every month is dedicated to smoothie ingredients.  Oh well, I find it helps with recovery, and it’s delicious to boot!


-250ml of strawberries
-250ml of raspberries
-250ml of blueberries
-300ml of Acai juice
-300ml of Fruit + Veggie juice
-2 whole bananas
-30ml of peanut butter
-500ml of steel-cut oats
-2 scoops of Vega Sport protein powder
-4 egg yolks


I personally add the ingredients in this order: juice, peanut butter, powder, oats, yolks, and fruit.
The berries can be fresh or frozen.  If using frozen, I let them thaw in the fridge overnight.  If you’re allergic to nuts, a healthy alternative is Wowbutter, which is also gluten-free.  For those of the Imperial system, that’s two tablespoons of peanut butter, a cup of each berries, two cups of oats, and approximately 10 fluid ounces of each juice.

The bananas give the smoothie a thicker consistency, but not vital to the smoothie itself.  I tend to choose organic bananas, they may be more expensive, but they don’t leave me with that cottonball-mouth feeling after.

Unless your blender is the epitome of blending technology, this smoothie will be 90% liquid and 10% little bits of oats and berries.  I enjoy fooling my body into thinking it is ingesting solid food instead of thick liquid.

This recipe makes 4 x 475ml glasses of smoothie, or about 4 pints worth.  As an added bonus, I stir 10ml (or two teaspoons) of MCT oil in each glass I pour for added benefit.

–The Prototype’s Alter-Ego