Why hitting Focus Mitts is vital to your boxing training

There are many effective boxing drills and workouts you can try, each with a unique impact on improving your skill set. Boxing is one of the most technically nuanced martial arts in existence. Each subtle movement packs meaning and has a reverberating effect on a fighter’s performance in the ring.

The heavy bag enhances a fighter’s power. The double-ended bag works on rhythm and timing. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) improves conditioning. But one particular boxing workout sharpens all skills a fighter has acquired throughout training and develops each of his techniques as a collective — it’s called focus mitts.

The focus mitts drill involves one-on-one interaction between boxer and coach. The coach uses a pair of focus mitts to catch a boxer’s punches, usually thrown in combinations, incorporating both offensive and defensive movement. The more advanced a boxer is, the more complex the combinations performed during focus mitts.

There are many great positives to be gained from performing focus mitts with a dedicated boxing coach. If you are serious about improving your technique, you may want to consider enlisting your boxing coach in personal training to maximize the benefits of focus mitt drills.

Here are four benefits to hitting the mitts

  1. Improve your technique and aim
  2. Gain a better understanding of distance
  3. Simulate a real boxing match
  4. Strengthen the bond between fighter and coach

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