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Drako Competition Judo Gi

Drako Competition Judo Gi

Drako Competition Judo Gi: This 11oz gi is a great all-around uniform, made from 100% brushed canvas cotton. They are

Drako Drive V1 Wrestling Shoes

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Dual sided mesh for Breathability
  • Rubberized sole
  • Eva foam insole
  • Low-top design
  • Quality Microfibre and Eva Mesh fabrics
  • Classic Black and White colour scheme


Lightweight and absorbent The DAEDO WT CHESTGUARD (Hogu), is lightweight in construction, but very resilient to shock.  Perfect for competitive

Drako Poom Do TKD Ribbed Dobok

  • Pullover style uniform
  • Red/black Poom Do collar
  • 8oz ribbed material for optimal durability

Adidas Adi-Lux Taekwondo Shoes

Original price was: $99.90.Current price is: $59.90.
Adidas Adi-Lux Taekwondo Shoes Adidas ADI-LUXE shoes are designed for multi-purpose indoor sports use. Built for comfort and maximum durability,

Drako Middle Weight PC Karate Uniform

Original price was: $69.90.Current price is: $39.50.
The Drako Middle Weight PC Karate Uniform is the ideal choice for Karate athletes looking for a coloured middle weight jacket style
Drako Light Weight Pants

Drako Light Weight Pants

Drako Light Weight Pants These 8.5oz pants are made using a 65/35 cotton/polyester material in white, and a 55/45 poly/cotton

Daedo Black Belt 5cm

The Daedo Regular Black Belt is 5cm wide and made from high quality heavy-duty 100% cotton material with multiple stitching.

Drako Meshta Boxing Shoes

Original price was: $59.90.Current price is: $29.90.
Drako Meshta Boxing Shoes -The modern low-cut upper mesh -Lightweight and comfortable suede design lets you move quickly and change

Drako Middle Weight Contact Pants

Drako Middle Weight Contact Pants Firstly, these 10oz pants are made using a 55/45 cotton/polyester material. They feature a thicker

Drako 2inch Black Belt

  • Heavy duty 100% cotton shell
  • Double wrap
  • Colourfast dye prevents fading
Drako Gold Stripe Belts
Swatch image Camo
Swatch image Poom

Drako Gold Stripe Belts

Drako Gold Stripe Belts Our belts are a 100% cotton shell combined with a poly/nylon felt center, which alongside our