Daedo Ultra Light Dobok

Have YOU checked out Daedo Ultra Light Dobok! It’s great for beating the heat, while you beat your competition.

Key features include:

Outstanding performance

The Daedo Ultra Dobok is the pinnacle of competition uniforms, combining comfort and performance all in one. The 100% polyester material used is not only light but extremely soft, making this a must-have for any athlete.

WT approved for all international sanctioned events

The Daedo Ultra Light Dobok is WT recognized and is suitable for all sanctioned events nationally and Internationally.

Breathable fabric keeping you cool

The Ultra Dobok has mesh fabric in the under the arm and around the lower back which helps cool down the athlete while training, or in hot environments. The material used also assists with pulling moisture away from the body & is quick to dry.

Ultra-light materials

Daedo exclusively developed this ultra-lightweight material to assist with and to increase the speed & movements for the athlete.

Superior construction and quality

Overall, Daedo utilizes their decades of knowledge in the manufacturing of Martial Arts equipment & is evident in this particular item. The stitching is strong, plus the 100% polyester fabric is top quality. The Ultra Dobok is also very durable and holds up well to multiple washes. We recommend you wash this product in cold water and hanging it up to dry.