The New Karate Kids

And they keep on coming and we couldn’t be any happier! Have an in-depth insight with our latest sponsored Bushido Karate athletes, all student athletes from TIGER’S EYE KARATE-DO, mentored by their coach Hamid Tarighatbin! 

Get to know them more as they introduce themselves and give you their experience of how martial arts, more importantly Karate, plays a very significant role in their lives! It is in these moments, when reading messages from martial arts athletes, we realize how influential the world of martial arts is and how important it can be in shaping someone’s future. Be prepared to be inspired!

Stay tuned for more posts and updates! Wishing these athletes all the best for their future! #bushidoathlete

Fernando Aguilera

Age 18

I started training karate at the age of 7. Although at first I was always punished for misbehaving during karate classes, I came to eventually gain respect for karate when I first started putting more effort in my training. I realized how difficult karate could be and learned the values of discipline, focus, respect and courage that came along with the way of life that karate offered through overcoming adversity. Over the years I began to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life through karate by training and competing with amazing people all over the world. My favourite aspects about karate are the physical and mental challenges and the thrill of fighting against strong opponents while still maintaining respect for each other. Outside of karate I enjoy playing piano and guitar, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.


Parsa Khodabakhshi

Age 17

I have been involved in martial arts for over eight years now. Beginning with kickboxing and then moving into karate. The transition was difficult, but I knew I wanted to continue this sport because it pushes me mentally and physically. Doing karate today helps me deal with other obstacles in life, just like I train to overcome an opponent on the mat. Furthermore, the freedom and thrill one feels during sparring is a joy which cannot be described. Lastly, and probably the most important reason I have thrived and continued in karate is because of the support of our club and sensei. Without them I can’t imagine even continuing this sport.

I have definitely had my failures in karate. The first year, when I started competing I was not even selected for nationals. The second year, however, I managed to rank first in BC by the time of selections for nationals. That said, I was not very successful in the 2017 Karate Canada Nationals held in Quebec. This pushed me to prepare for this year’s nationals. Which thankfully, with the support of my coach, our team, and Bushido I placed second in the U21 -75kg division. I was also selected from the team for men’s team kumite, but because most of the team and myself had sustained injuries in our divisions before we were unable to compete. All in all, I am very happy with this year’s results and will be looking forward to representing Canada in the Junior Pan Ams in Brazil. Especially with Bushido’s support.


Setareh Nouri

Age 16

My brother and I started karate around age o 7 and have been doing it competitively ever since. I personally really enjoy this sport, it helped me stay healthy, shape my life and most importantly taught me how to be a dedicated person and responsible. Karate is a major part of my life but besides that I also take violin lessons, and involve myself in other sports like basketball and dance.


Sepehr Nouri

Age 16

I started karate in Iran at a young age when I was 7. During my karate career, I have experienced many uphills and downhills. I have lost many games. I have experienced many games where the judge was against me. I have disappointed my coaches and parents in the past. I have done things that cost me my black belt so I had to earn it back. All these downhill moments are the reason that made me become what I am today. If I hadn’t lost those matches, if I didn’t feel the shame and guilt of losing my belt, I would never have learned my weakness, what I really want with my life, and how to fight for it. Karate has taught me a lot of lessons about life and how hard life is through a hard way. That is what I love about doing karate. Karate also lets my mind to be free from other stuff I do regarding school, work, family, and friends.


Zack Saito

Age 14

I started karate when I was 4 years old inspired by my older brother. Karate is not only an excellent way to get exercise, but also gives me the opportunity to meet many people in different places and make life long friends. Karate taught me discipline and respect for other people at a young age. The feeling that I get when I am on the mats competing is one of the best things about karate. Outside of karate, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and playing badminton during the summer with my brother. Also, as a regional judge, I am working my way up to becoming a World Karate Federation official for competitions and I also spend my time teaching young athletes with my sensei, Hamid. My current goal is to qualify for the Junior World Championships, but my dream is to one day represent Canada at the Olympic Games. In 2018, for the first time, I was selected to be on the Canadian National Junior Team Roster after placing 2nd in the Karate Canada National Championships. Although this was a big achievement in my life, it is the first step to get myself closer to my goal and to make my dream a reality. Karate has changed my life drastically and gave me the opportunity to work towards some of my goals in life.